Change Projects

The networks were formed within the ITP “Child Rights, Classroom and School Management”.  The overall objective of the programme was to initiate change process focusing on the best interest of the child. Teams of three change agents from the same country conducted change projects based on the 3 Ps – Provision, Protection and Participation in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. In the archive (link opens in new window) you find project reports from all countries. Here you find the final reports from the change projects of this country.

Proyectos de cambio

Las redes fueron establecidas en el marco del Programa Internacional de Capacitación denominado "Derechos del niño, el aula y la gestión escolar". El objetivo general del programa ha sido iniciar los procesos de cambio centrándose en el interés superior del niño. Equipos conformados por tres agentes de cambio del mismo país llevaron a cabo proyectos de cambio basados en las 3 Ps: Provisión, protección y participación contenidos en la Convención sobre los Derechos del Niño. En el archivo encontrará informes de proyectos en cada país. Aquí usted encontrará los informes finales de los proyectos de cambio en Colombia.

Batch/Year Change Projects
Focus Area Project Report
4/2006 Listen to our Voices: An Open Space to Children's Participation Participtaion

5/2006 Model to Implement CRC at Class Level, in an Interdisciplinary Way within the Subjects and Daily Activities in Three Schools in Colombia, South America Participation, Three P:s
6/2007 Enhancing Children and Adolescent Rights Three P:s
8/2008 Bullying in Bogotá's Schools: The case of
Carlo Federici School
9/2008 Crossing boundaries and empowering people in CRC Participation
10/2009 School Violence and its Influence in the Child Free Personality Development Protection, Participation
11/2009 Understanding Children’s Rights to bring about
Change in Educational Settings in Colombia
Three P:s
12/2010 "Recognizing cultural diversity in classrooms" Participation
13/2010 Generating a Child Rights Classroom Culture through Cross-Curricular Materials that Foster Critical Thinking Participation
14/2011 Integrating Participation, Leadership and Critical Thinking in the School through Students’ Council and Teachers’ Empowerment Participation
16/2012 The Right to be different - Cultural heritage concepts in the classroom as a way to build a diverse cultural identity Three P:s
17/2012 Conflict Resolution Strategies to Reduce Conflict Inside and Outside the Classroom Three P:s
19/2013 Children's Rights Turn into Reality Protection, Participation
20/2014 The three P’s appropriateness as basic elements of humandevelopment in the school community Three P:s
Batch Esp1/ 2013

Jueguemos en serio: en Colombia las niñas y los niños primero. 

Three P:s
Batch Esp1/ 2013 Pazeritos y Aprendiendo con alegría

Protection, Participation

Batch Esp2/ 2014

Educación para la Paz "Viviendo los derechos y las diferencias"

Protection, Participation

Batch Esp2/ 2014

Educación para la paz, desde la gestión municipal, Cali


Batch Esp2/
Participación infantil: Un camino posible para el ejercicio de los derechos en el contexto educativo  Participation