Online Training Programme

The aim of this integrated online programme is to enhance the knowledge and the capacity - in people and in organisations - regarding the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
The programme’s five modules are designed both for individual and collective learning. The programme targets mainly individuals that are active in educational sector, but it can also be used by anyone who meets children in their professional role. The programme is developed in close cooperation with researchers from Child Rights Institute at Lund University, the Faculty of Education and Society at Malmö University and the change agents in 16 partner country networks.

Module - Leadership for Change

Welcome to this module where we are dealing with challenges that can occur when leaders are introducing various changes into their organization, specifically when it concerns changes as to values, norms, culture and behavior.

To introduce CRC in educational contexts is clearly one of these situations when leadership for change is vital. Note that this is important for leaders at all levels, including teachers and students. Pro-active leadership is needed for change and to effectively use pro-active leadership we have to understand the concept of Space of Action, how it is identified and how to expand it.

Film: "Leadership for Change" with Agneta Wågdahl Flink

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This module is focusing how to be an effective leader when it comes to make use of your Space of Action, specifically in situations where changes are needed. It could be changes of behaviors, norms, values or culture in connection with the implementation of CRC.

After taking part of this module the participant should be able to 

  • Understand and use leadership for change in implementing CRC in different educational contexts through
  1. Understanding the differences between pro-active and re-active leadership
  2. Identifying your individual Space of Action
  3. Various ways to expand your individual Space of Action 


Practicing Leadership