Here you can read more about Global CRC Online and the ITP on Child Rights, Classroom and School Management where the national networks were formed. You can also get familiar with the host of the platform Child Rights Institute at Lund University and learn more about CRC in Sweden.

Education & Training

CRi @ LU will also work to develop education in the field of Child Rights - nationally as well as internationally. Planning to develop national University courses in different program at Lund University, Bachelor and master level. We will for instance work with internet based courses or perhaps MOOCs (massive open online courses).

Also planning for courses in Child Rights within municipalities and organisations in collaboration with LUCE, Lund University Commissioned Education. In 2020 most probably Sweden will have a new separate law on Child Rights.

Education may also include Minor Field Studies (MFS), initiatives for teacher and student Exchange (e.g. Linnaeus-Palme Exchange Program), master's courses focusing on children and child rights, and supporting contact between research, education and practice.

We want to promote national and international knowledge exchange and both keep in touch with and support researchers, educators and networks at Lund University with our knowledge in the area of child rights and children's living conditions in society.

The network, CRi @ LU,  also wants to stimulate and support cross-border Education in different ways.