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Planning for the launch in China & Inner Mongolia April 14 (CHINA)

IMNU (Inner Mongolia Normal University, a Teacher Training University) and Education Ministry in Inner Mongolia: Planning during end of March by change agents for the launch in April 14, at IMNU in Hohhot, capital in Inner Mongolia, China. Surina (batch 19) in blue pullover is leading the meeting together with Sun Baijun (batch 1) and Wu Haiyan (batch 11) to the right.

The other change agents around the table are from left: Surina (batch 19), Narisu (batch 14), He (batch 16), Chiaochun (batch 17), Gaowa (batch 20), Xuelin (batch 17), Yu (batch 21), Chen (batch 14), Wu Haiyan (batch 11), and Sun Baijun (batch 1 - the very very first batch in 2003).