CRC Uganda-The CRC Platform Launch on 10th April 2018

The launch took place in Kampala and was presided over by the Director of Basic and Secondary Education at the Ministry of Education and Sports (Seated in middle with a tie). The students (squarting) of Shimoni Core Primary Teachers' College make a presentation about the project they had undertaken.

CRC Uganda-The memorable Launch today 10th April 2018

Dear CRC Network, our launch is on today here in Kampala at UMA Show grounds starting at 2:00pm (EAT). The chief guest will be the State Minister for Primary Education & Sports in Uganda.

Pre-Launch Dinner (UGANDA)

The evening of Monday 9, 2018 was a wonderful one for the CRC Ugandan team when we dinned together with our coaches and guests in preparation of today's launch. Lots of eats and drinks were served.

Preparing for launch tomorrow

We are Buganda Rd Primary School 



Dear Change Agent,

 Uganda is located in East African region and many scholars call it pearl of Africa bacuase of its good climate,environment,hospitable people and endownment with alot of natural resources.

We have participated in most of CRC Lund Activities and we appluade our mentors who keep updating and posting us on many programmes. We are grateful of this platform and we are anticipating very many benefits globally.if change agents utulise it very well.

We shall be happy to recieve you here in Uganda during the launch time. Our country is worth visiting and you discover new features of this world.

Thank you.

Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter


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