Child Rights Institute at
Lund University

The Child Rights Institute @ Lund University, has an overarching aim – with a point of departure in the Child Rights Convention – to act for and support the Rights of the Child in different contexts, national and international, in research, in education or in other relevant practices concerning the Rights of the Child. Child Rights Institute at Lund University (CRi @ LU) is a multidisciplinary organisation active within the area of ”Child Rights”.

CRi @ LU has three main tasks:

  • Research
  • Network support
  • Education in Child Rights

CRI @ LU aims to gather researchers in this field of knowledge to stimulate and to support new and continued research with a point of departure in the Convention of the Rights of the Child.

Our mission is to promote national and international knowledge exchange and both keep in touch with and support researchers, educators and networks at Lund University with our knowledge in the area of child rights and children's living conditions in society. Another task is cooperation in order to promote and support research, recognising and visualising the child's perspective in different contexts – family, health, social processes – and bringing together that perspective with our knowledge of child development in order to promote the well-being of children.

The network also wants to stimulate and support cross-border education and research applications in this field. We aim to encourage teachers and researchers from Lund University's different faculties to participate. Currently there are researchers from six faculties active at CRi @ LU (Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculties of Humanities & Theology, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Economics). The ambition is for CRi @ LU to encourage multidisciplinary activities, based in Social Sciences perspective. CRi is also connecting cities and local municipalities who are working on Children´s Rights. A new partner for Child rights´ cooperation is Raul Wallenberg Institute, RWI, in Turkey, Istanbul headed by Dr Ilhami Alkan Olsson.

For more information visit https://www.soclaw.lu.se/en/research/research-clusters/child-rights-institute-at-lund-university