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global CRC Online launching - Sri lanka - Message from the Hon. Chief Minister and Minister of Education of Central Province-sri lanka

Message from the Hon. Chief Minister and Minister of Education

of Central Province.

The guarantee of the future of children is the absolute responsibility and duty of any civilized society. They are the back bone of any nation. All parents, teachers and elders being well organized should play their role for the well being of children. “No matter whose child he is but Child is a child of somebody” is the motto of the Central Province. It is my belief that not only the gathering of the entire Sri Lankan community for this, but also facing the global challenges where children are vulnerable is a theme that should be addressed.


 There are many laws regarding the protection of children as well as various organizations functioning from the national level to the regional level. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that some of the uncertainties that are often heard and reported in media about children in the social environment require a deeper interference in terms of their well being. We constantly witness and experience the ways how children are subjected to victimize  in political, social, and economic agendas of adults and various groups in many parts of the world. As members of a progressive society, this is a very pathetic situation.

In an era of this nature, the contribution and commitment of a group of voluntary professionals with their profound experience with a view to safeguarding children and ensuring child rights through education should be appreciated and every assistance must be given to their efforts. Especially, the assistance, guidance, directions, training and educational input given to Sri Lanka, through the Change Agents by SIDA and the Lund University in Sweden should highly be appreciated.

May this Online Digital Platform launched today for the protection of children be a great success!


Sarath Ekanayaka

Chief Minister and Minister of Education of Central Province.- Sri lanka