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The message from the country Coordinator of Sri Lanka - Gamini Rathnatissa

The message from the country Coordinator of Sri Lanka

 It's a great pleasure to forward this message for   introducing a Global CRC Online Digital platform which aims at securing the rights of children. Sri Lanka, along with 16 other countries contributes to protect the rights of children through this digital platform.

From 2003 to 2016 the Lund University of Sweden took the initiative in empowering and mentoring nearly 800 professionals from 24 countries including Sri Lanka. We highly appreciate the sponsorship provided by SIDA to make this endeavor a success.

SIDA has been helping Sri Lanka for a long period of time not only in the field of Education but also in many other fields like construction, irrigation and so on which have directly contributed to the process of development of Sri Lanka.

Continuation of such assistance for more than two three decades is not an easy task. In relation to Child Rights, the mentors are the secret behind in providing the leadership and making leaders which enhance the successful continuation of this programme. Their dedication and commitment can be highly appreciated. While enriching the community this will also help in protecting the pleasant world of the children.

Finally, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Coordinator of Child Rights, Prof. Per Wickenberg, Agneta, Bodil, Ulf, Emma, Dena, Lena, Andreas, Lovisa and other Personnel of Lund University and SIDA , the delegates from India, all the distinguished guests and the Sri Lankan Change Agents for their support to make this event a great success.


M.G.Gamini Rathnatissa

Chairman and country coordinator National Network for Child Rights – Sri Lanka