CRC Network of Cambodia

Welcome to the country page of the CRC Network of Cambodia! Here you will find information about our history, our Change Agents and how we have worked and still are working with implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child and more – all in the best interest of all children.


Cambodia had its first team in batch 12, in 2010. In total, seven teams and 21 Change Agents have participated in the programme. The change work is being done on many levels, from national at the Cambodian Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, to local level in different schools. The programme has been implemented in the north and the center of Cambodia with a strong focus on child participation.
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Main Focus

The change work has a high focus on child participation, training teachers, principals and parents to implement this in everyday life at school and at home. One example is the change projects directed to create a better understanding of and implement the practice of student councils and the development of a monitoring tool which can be used by the Teacher Training Department, to ensure that student participation in student councils is being implemented effectively. For more information about our change projects, click here.


The projects have had many positive outcomes. Provincial and National Level of Education have understood the importance of the CRC message. In the local schools where the projects took place children are more active and feel motivated to express their views. The developed monitoring tool to assess teacher trainees’ teaching practice, including the application of the CRC in the classroom, is approved and used by the Teacher Training Department and is implemented nationwide.
Our work is well recognized of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports. We have Change Agents working in many of our departments at Ministry of Education Youth and Sports: Early Childhood Department, Teacher Training Department, Primary Education Department and Curriculum Development Department. The director of Primary Education Department and the director of Early Childhood Department are Change Agents.

Way Forward

We are now working towards involving important stakeholders/NGOs of education in Cambodia. Our monitoring tool is being used to ensure a child rights approach in the schools, and we are motivated to train more teacher trainees to get a better understanding of the CRC. Now we look forward to strengthen our global network, exchange experiences and ideas and ultimately connect here on this digital platform.

Interested in our training programme?

If you are interested in getting in touch with us, have questions about our work or want to know more about training yourself to work withIf you are interested in getting in touch with us, have questions about our work or want to know more about training yourself to work with a child right approach? Please click here and find more information and see what we can offer!