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Abuse in Kindergarten and Primary Schools

Final Project Report, Batch 15, Egypt
Author: Samar Mustafa Taha Mustafa, Mona Mahmoud Hassan Gad, Mustafa Mahmoud Hamdi Hassan Allethi

Effective use of Children’s Council in Schools A pilot intervention programme in Cairo, Egypt Final Report

Advanced International Training Programme on Child Rights, Classroom and School Management
Final Project Report, Batch 3, Egypt
Author: Ms Wafaa Dawood, Ms Samah Hassan, Ms Madiha Abdelslam

Empowering Students’ Participation

Advanced International Training Programme on Child Rights, Classroom and School Management
Final Project Report, Batch 10, Egypt
Author: Dr. Walid Yasin, Mrs. Tahany Shemeis, Mr. Mohamed Hamed

Enhancing Child Participation in Schools

Final Project Report, Batch 18, Egypt
Author: Hossam Samy, Noha Ekram and Yara Shokry

Evaluate the Primary & Kindergarten Teacher’s Performance, In Light of Child Rights Convention, CRC

Final Project Report, Batch 12, Egypt
Author: Saad Mohamed Gouda Maghrabi, Reham Zein El Gebaly and Hosam Samir Omar

Infusing CRC in Teacher Education: Teaching/Learning management

Final Project Report, Batch 21, Egypt
Author: Omnia Abdel Wahab Nasrallah, Dr.Reham Rabiea El Ayouty, Dr.Mahmoud M. Mohasseb

International Studies on Enactment of Children´s Rights in Education. 30 researchers from non-western countries. Per Wickenberg, Bodil Rasmusson & Ulf Leo (eds.) Research Report in Sociology of Law 2019:3, Lund University.

This book has been initiated by researchers at the Child Rights Institute, Lund University, a research network with the aim to act for and support the rights of the child in different contexts, national and international, in research, in education or in other relevant practices. The Institute gather researchers to stimulate and to support new and continued research with a point of departure in the CRC. It provides an open and suitable arena for researchers to publish new material on implementing CRC in society. Invitation of researchers from our global network to contribute to an anthology was therefore fully in line with this ambition. Fifteen new international studies on the enactment of children’s rights in schools and education are presented in this book. The authors are researchers from Colombia, Zambia, Viet Nam, Egypt, India, Kenya, Indonesia and China. They are researchers and scholars active in many different academic environments as research universities (Indonesia, Zambia, China, Kenya, Egypt, and Sweden), teacher training universities (China and India), National University of Education (Viet Nam, Colombia), Institute of Social Work and Health (India), District Teacher Training Institution, DIET (India).

Promoting child participation in school environment

Final Project Report, Batch 14, Egypt
Author: Ghada Attia, Enas El Shiekh and Usama Abou El Enien

The Child’s Right to Freedom of Expression

Final Project Report, Batch 17, Egypt
Author: Manal Elsehrawy, Sherief Emam, and Maha Elkiki