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Meeting in Kerala, India, March 4 on the continued work on CRC

Greetings from Kerala

12 change Agents were gathered at hotel Alakapuri Kozhikode, yesterday (04/03/2019).

First thing we considered was the future plans of APPRoCh India and we decided to continue as CRC Change agents under the newly elected president Mr Mathew Zachariah.

Our main agenda was the formation of SANIK (Sweden Alumni Network India Kerala chapter)We would like to get certified by SI (Swedish institute). 5 members were elected to the board of SANIK and Mr. George Joseph is the  Chairman

Future plans for the coming year:

We would like to conduct at least 3 programmes from the ready made tool kit of SI and decided to request for permission to add two more activities based on child rights.

We will inform you all in this platform more later

Warm regards