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2. GLOBAL MEETING on CRC in Schools on ZOOM - March 20, 2022
  • 2022-03-21 12:53

6. Mozambique´s PPT (Virginia Gomane & Michaque Massango, presenters)

A New School

Final Project Report, Batch 15, Mozambique.
Authors: Janete Mondlane Machava and Gilberto Langa

Building warm relationship between teachers and students in order to increase students’ participation in the classroom at Quisse Mavota Secondary School in Maputo

Final Project Report, Batch 18, Mozambique.
Authors: Artur Armando Dombo, Elias Marcos Banze and Milagrosa Armando Basilio Sitoe

The implementation of articles 13.1 and 29.1.a (Convention of the Rights of the Child) in grade 8 at Quisse Mavota Secondary School, Maputo, stressing participation

Final Project Report, Batch 16, Mozambique.
Authors: Adolfo Tembe, Armando Zavala and Gertrudes Noronha

The Student at school- The case of Epc Anexa ao IFP

Final Project Report, Batch 7, Mozambique.
Authors: Mr Joao Assale, Mr Mathias Parruque, Ms Virginia Gomane.

To raise awareness of CRC by involving parents in issues of provision and participation in education

Final Project Report, Batch 20, Mozambique.
Authors: Alexandre Filipe Senda, Ercilia Natalia Gune, Samuel Menezes Boque